HostGator Review

New age businesses need to have a great web presence, which starts with having a great website. When you want to have a website, you need to purchase a domain name, develop the website and then host it on the internet. The web hosting services plays a vital role, because without it, you will not be able to take your website on to the internet at all. There are many web hosting service providers. With the help of these people, you can host your website. You need to typically purchase a plan based on your timeline and space requirements. HostGator is among the top providers of web hosting services.

Features of HostGator Services

HostGator includes a few add on services with web hosting. This is to ensure that the users get end-to-end service package. Here are some of the key features.

     It gives you all inclusive tools that you need to build your website and take it online. This includes a website maker, application add-ons, web templates, and so on.

     The website maker is easy to use. The website builder comes from Weebly. Using this you can just drag and drop to create your business website.

     There is QuickInstall which is an application installer. Using this tool you can add many kinds of applications to your websites.

     The app add-ons that you can avail include billing, blogging, calendar, chat, CMS, directory, e-Commerce, e-Learning, e-Portfolio, forum, and Gallery software. These help you add very useful options to your website.

     When it comes to having a good web presence and building external communication, the apps that are available include, guest-book, mail, project management, push, social-networking, support, survey, and Wiki software.

     To administer the website, you get a cPanel workspace which allows you to control the options, and manage users too.

     You have these features on almost all kinds of packages HostGator puts forth.


Types of Web Hosting Supported

There are different kinds of hosting you can opt for depending on your requirements. You can put up CMS, blog, informational, responsive, E-commerce, gallery, wiki, and affiliate websites. Broadly, these are the types of web hosting that HostGator supports,

     WordPress hosting – Blogs have become an inevitable part of marketing these days. You also may wish to have a complete blogging website. In such cases HostGator supports WordPress hosting using which you can create and manage blogs easily. The templates, options and website building tools are all based on the WordPress.

     Joomla hosting – If you are looking to have a powerful CMS to manage your content well and keep up the regular updates, then Joomla hosting is the best option for you. It supports website expansion and renewal, which makes it a long lasting option.

     Drupal hosting – If you want informational, responsive, organizational or dynamic business website, Drupal hosting is the most appropriate choice. You get various options to build a strong UI. You also have good themes to beautify the website.

     Magento hosting – If you are particular about having an e-commerce website, whether it is a store or online shopping space, you should go in for Magento Hosting. You get various features like SSL certificate, dedicated IP and payment mechanisms that are all useful for an e-commerce portal.


The Web Hosting Packages

HostGator primarily gives 3 package options. According to your requirements, you can choose one. The packages can be bought for 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. Here are few points pertaining to each plan,

     Hatchling Plan – This is the most basic plan and costs the least. Subsequently it supports also lesser options. The key services that you can avail in this option include,

- Unlimited Disk Space

- Unlimited bandwidth

- Single domain

- Instant backup

- Free setup

- WordPress hosting

- Unlimited Email accounts

- complete cPanel for administration


     Baby Plan – This is an intermediate plan. It is suitable for very small businesses. This plan consists all of the features that Hatchling plan provides and it has some additional services. The key additional services that you can avail in this option include,

- Unlimited number of domains

- Private SSL

- Shared SSL

- Dedicated IP with nominal monthly fee

- Unlimited addon/parked domains


     Business Plan – This plan is suitable if you want a full fledge business website with all the necessary and additional features. This package consists of all the services included in Baby plan, and has additional services. The key additional services that you can avail in this option include,

- Free toll-free number for the business

- Free dedicated IP

- Free Private SSL

- Anonymous FTP

-Free dedicated IP


Other categories of web hosting services

Other than the normal web hosting services for your direct websites, you can avail other kinds of hosting services. The categories provided are.

     Web hosting reseller – You can have your own company of hosting. You can buy hosting services from HostGator and resell it to other people. This is a good option if you really know how to reach out to clients and come up with packages that work out for you and the clients.

     VPS – VPS or virtual private servers can be got from HostGator. Using this you can completely manage your hosting environment on your own. However, this is going to be a virtual server. The hardware support is good, and you get to use different kinds of software based on your need.

     Dedicated server – When you have a large business and you have no other go but to have your own server, then you can opt to avail the dedicated server for all your hosting purposes. There are different plans namely, basic, standard, elite, and pro servers that are provided. Based on your financial constraints, and server requirements you can choose a plan.

On the whole HostGator does have some good features that can be useful for your business websites. However, it is up to you to choose the packages judiciously.